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About Gozen

Mission statement

To share our passion for good food and debunk the misconception that ready-to-eat meals cannot be delicious or nutritious.

Core values

Quality: We believe that the quality of the ingredients can either make or break the meal, so we never scrimp on the quality of any of the ingredients used in our meals.

Variety: There is no one meal that can be to the satisfaction of every customer, which is why we have taken the extra care to develop a diverse range of meals and a vast repertoire of recipes. Our goal is for our customers to be spoilt for choice.

Convenience: We believe on leveraging in technology and innovation, which is why we have made our meals readily accessible through exciting platforms such as smart vending machines. We want you to have both an enjoyable and unique dining experience.

Creativity: We never want to serve you a boring meal, which is why we have used our creative juices to incorporate innovative and novel recipes into our menu.  

Customer Satisfaction: Above all, we hope that everyone can find joy in eating the meals that we have prepared and finish the dining experience as a content customer.