FREE DELIVERY on orders $50 (after any discount) and above!

Food Orders

Our meals can be stored for at least two (2) months from the time of delivery at - 18°C. Notwithstanding this, customers are still advised to check the best-before date stated on the packaging.
No, please DO NOT refrigerate or refreeze your unfinished meals. We advise that all ready-to-eat meals are consumed in one sitting. If you are unable to finish your meal, please discard the leftovers.
All meals must be heated up properly before consumption. The heating instructions for each meal is indicated on the packaging of the meal. Customers should take note that each meal has its own unique heating instructions.    Customers are advised to note that heating times may vary based on the model or brand of the microwave. If the meal is still cold after heating in accordance with the heating instructions, customers should continue to heat up the meal until it is hot. 
Our ingredients and produce are sourced locally from a select list of approved vendors in conformance with ISO 22000:2018 requirements. 
All of our products are manufactured in our own kitchen in Singapore, which is ISO 22000:18 accredited. 
Yes, some of our products contain allergens. Customers that have any allergies, allergic reactions and/ or dietary restrictions are advised to contact us beforehand for clarification prior to placing an order with us.
No, our products are not Halal. 
To qualify for S$200.00, you will need to spend a minimum of S$50.00. You will be given a one-time use S$20.00 discount voucher each time you spend S$200.00 and above. 
We charge S$10.00 for delivery, regardless of the order value and the location for delivery. 
There is no minimum order quantity.